Alex Andrews

I’m Alex Andrews. I am a writer, web developer and academic.

Selected Academic Work

Siding With The Machines: Review of Robin Mackay & Armen Avanessian (eds.), #Accelerate: The Accelerationist Readerreview 31 (2014)

“Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis: Review of The Spectre at The Feast: Capitalist Crisis and the Politics of Recession by Andrew Gamble, The Great Credit Crash by Martijn Konings (ed.) and Crisis in the Global Economy: Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios by Andrea Fumagalli and Sandro Mezzadra (eds.)” Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies 5 (2012): 167-171. (download)

Selected Journalism

So Goes California, So Goes The Nation? Occupy Oakland and the Oakland General Strike
Open Democracy, 2011

Current Projects

Records On Ribs
A Creative Commons record label.

Past Projects

Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working
A series of talks, texts and online contributions from artists, activists, technologists and writers examining how digital technology is changing our political and productive selves: from the way we work and play, to the way we make art and even our health.

In collaboration with Auto Italia South East and Huw Lemmey. From 20th April to 12th May 2013.


Custom application for production of the the Goldsmiths class of 2013 catalogue.

In collaboration with Michael Oswell and David Rudnick.


“An Introduction to RoboCop”
Invited introduction to the politics of RoboCop at Limazulu, London, September 27th 2013.
As part of All Talk All Action: The spectacle and ideology of action cinema series.

“Big Data, Social Networks, Data Selves”
Organised and facilitated session with Jay Owen and Ed Manley that asked what it means to be intensively connected. What it does it mean for lives to be attached at every waking moment, blurring the boundaries of self-performance, work and leisure? How do the micro-banalities of every day life – from the daily commute to work, to the walk in the park – play out on a vast aggregate macro level of Big Data? What is it to have a self on a social network, a data self?
As part of Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working, 12th May 2013.

“Open Access Publishing”
Introduced and facilitated discussion with Alex Vasudevan, Georgina Voss and Alex Hern on contemporary trends in culture and intellectual property. How are developing technologies effecting the copyright regime, and how are difficulties in enforcing copyright leading to innovations in music, academia and computer games?
As part of Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working, 20th April 2013

“The Memes of Production: The Political Economy of the Internet”
Invited talk for The Left Society, University of Nottingham, April 30th 2012.

“Open Source, Free Association and Housework or The Political Economy of Cute Animal Pictures”
As part of the LuckyPDF School of Global Art, Fierce Festival, Birmingham, April 1st 2012.

“Economics Noir: Friedrich Hayek, Cold War Cybernetics and Invisible Neoliberalism”
As part of the Accelerationism conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 14th September 2010.